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Located inTali Beach,Nasugbu,Batangas

Beach Hideaway in Tali, Nasugbu, Batangas, a place where you and your family can take a break from the daily haste of city life. It is a vacation place where the feeling of taking vacations in commercialize beach resorts is avoided. Truly a backdrop of country setting, where you get to enjoy your family away from the city. Experience living in a family vacation home.


Send an email direct to:
for rate inquiries. Include how many pax, and duration of stay.

Check-In Time 12pm Check out 4pm next day
Check-In may be flexible as long there is no
  conflict in schedule with prior bookings.                                                                       
 Fee is for the use of the house,no entrance fee per head.
You get exclusive use of the house and pool, no other guest except your group, we cater to the vacation home experience.

100 kilometers, or about 2 hours south of Manila, it will give you a chance to experience Philippine beaches without the need to board an aircraft to other islands. Experience both the pleasure of looking at the well known Taal Volcano,by passing through Tagaytay City and the scenic drive to the beach coves of Nasugbu,Batangas.

Is there a pool ? Yes 4 feet deep wading pool


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What to expect

A gated community  along the coastal coves of Nasugbu, there are at least four coves where you can swim,and walk along. There is 24 hours security for the community and a local friendly caretaker for the house should you need any assistance during your stay. The second floor loft style has wide 3 day beds,  a double size double deck bed, with air-con. On the ground floor there are wide 2 day beds in the living room, and a masters bedroom. The kitchen is equipped for your use, refrigerator, stove top, microwave,water dispenser, utensils, plates, etc. There is a cowboy style BBQ grill outside and there is coal available.There are 3 T&B in the house with hot water shower,  plus 1 outdoor shower, a separate wing with  bedroom and  T&B for your driver, or nanny. The place can accommodate 12 to 15 persons, but some groups stay with extra mattress. There is a professionally trained massage therapist available upon request, you need to inform the caretaker upon arrival, or take your chance when you decide to do so. Lobsters are available depending on weather conditions, bancas usually approach the beach and offer them for sale, we can also coordinate with the local fishermen. The house is about 600 meters from the beach, it is not  a beach front house, the beach  is about a minute by car,slow pace. No food and drinks provided, bring your own towels and toiletries. 

What you can do

You can play  explore the different coves, jump over the cliff, play beach volleyball at the main beach the court and net is always available(you have to bring your own volleyball). Don't forget to bring your snorkel and masks as there are nice marine aquatic fish swimming with you at the beach, if you feel lucky, do try to find the blue starfish around but please don't hurt them and return them.


  • Please limit smoking outside the house, and throw cigarette butts in the bins, avoid throwing it on the garden.
  • Turn off air-con when not in use, or when nobody will stay in the loft or bedroom.
  • Limit your stereo music to adequate level as a respect for other neighbors.
  • Only cars,and passenger vans are allowed entry in the community,no coasters or bus it is strictly enforced.
  • Bringing of food (picnic set up)and bottled alcoholic beverage (hard liquor) is not allowed in the beach.
  • There is no Bathroom in the beach,to avoid contaminants reaching the water,we don't want to swim in polluted waters.
  • Bring your food and drinks before arriving at the place as there are only limited sari-sari stores where you have to drive to reach them,and there are no meatshops or grocery nearby, it is about 7 to 9 mins. drive near Punta Fuego.(The caretaker can purchase some minimal items for you )

You may contact us with the reservation form located on the top navigator bar of this page.

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